Looking Forward

 “The days are surely coming, says the LORD, when I will fulfill the promise I made to the house of Israel and the house of Judah.”  Jeremiah 33;14

We are now in a time of transition, as we move from our celebration of Thanksgiving and lean into the season of Advent.  On the secular side of the coin, people are busy shopping for “the perfect gift”, decorating their homes, baking holiday goodies, writing Christmas letters, and making arrangements for family Christmas gatherings.  In many ways, this is a time of looking forward.  People look forward to holiday concerts, receiving Christmas greetings from distant friends and relatives, getting together with friends at Christmas parties and open houses, and of course children look forward to the arrival of the guy in the red suit with a bag full of toys. So what is it that you are looking forward to?

As we enter the season of Advent the church finds itself in a time of looking forward.  Jeremiah reminds us that we are invited to look forward to promises that only the LORD can fulfill.  This promise is one of an everlasting covenant, an agreement of grace and forgiveness that God will establish with his chosen people.  Our thoughts are drawn to the one whom God will send, “the righteous branch of David” (Jeremiah 33:15) who will usher in a time of justice and righteous in the land.  This righteous branch is Jesus, who comes to put us in a right relationship with God.

In the busyness of the season, sometimes we can lose track of what is important.  We look forward to all the events which surround our celebration of the promised Savior’s birth, but this sometimes distracts us from the central message of the good news  that God has come to live among us and with his arrival salvation has come.  As we begin this season of Advent I invite you to ponder this question, “What is it that you look forward to?”

Just Another Passing Thought!

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4 Comments on “Looking Forward”

  1. Judy Woizeschke Says:

    Thanks so much, Pastor Todd! Hope you can keep doing these!

  2. Bruce Fenske Says:

    Hi Todd…I’m told you are leaving the ministry..Is this true and if so what are you going to do?…..Bruce

    • Bruce, starting in January I will be working as a church development consultant for Miller Architects and Builders which is located in St. Cloud. I will continue to live in New Ulm and focus my attention on churches in Southern Minnesota, Iowa and South Dakota. In this position I will shepherd churches as they consider how to enhance their ministry through the use of their facilities. There is a little more detail to what I will be doing than that, but it is an exciting new adventure which I hope will use my love of God’s church and some of the skills I have acquired during my time as a parish pastor.

      Thanks for asking.

  3. Foey Says:

    Thanks, I always enjoy reading your “Passing Thoughts”. There is always Food For Thought in there.


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